Decorating Dining Rooms With Canvas Prints

The tablecloth is salt; crockery, pepper; the chairs and the table the main ingredients. And the details, your secret touch … We have the recipe to achieve a magazine dining.

Here are great examples of canvas prints  that are excellent for decorating dining rooms. Choose your best photos to add a personal touctoin your home.

Mini? Of trotting? In the countryside? Whatever it is, give it the use you give it or wherever it is, we have the keys to get the most out of your dining room. With these ideas of our stylists, it will be worthy to go out in the best decoration magazine. Ready for the photo

Ideas for a mini dining room

There is no small dining room that can resist a bank. If you bring it to the wall, you will gain 1/2 meter of space in the dining room. This is open to the kitchen, its interior design is the work of Pía Capdevila, who also designed the DM bench with drawers to store (better than better!) And the glass partition. Between the kitchen and the dining room, there is only this pane of glass panels, which allows natural light to pass through and widens the space.

Dining room with wooden table, blue and white chairs, chandelier, leaning against a wall with glass paneled

The table must be beautiful, because it is the center of space. If it’s white, it’s lighter. And if you have the wooden board, warmer. Here to match the kitchen furniture. And look at the chairs: white, with white trim. Positive and negative, they remain original. As a culmination, a special lamp is key to make your dining room unique. Keep that in mind.

Of diary, but with style

Imagine this dining room without the mirror, it would have nothing to do with it! Because the mirror, large and with quarters, gives it depth and makes it grow until infinity.

More and more light. We achieved it with the glass teardrop lamp, which creates magical rays, and indirect lighting hidden in the pit of the ceiling.

The garden at the table. The garden is very present in the dining room because it sneaks in through the windows. And also for the freshly cut flowers, in a central vase.

The chic look in the field

The table and upholstered chairs could be in the dining room of a regal apartment. Yes? Well, look how good they are in this country house because they qualify their rustic look.

Touches of light The lamp of tears, the mirror, and the glass vases catch the light.

A point of support. I put a narrow console to support the cooler or bottles. It is very practical.

Dining room with square table, upholstered chairs, mirror and glass lamp

Do you know how to put the table (well)?

You choose 3 or 4 drinks. From left to right, put the water, the red wine and the white. The glass of cava can make a triangle with those of wine if you have enough space on the table. Look at the drawing and you will guess for sure.

The dishes, stacked. The most convenient way to avoid having to take out dishes during the whole meal is to put them stacked (underplate, flat plate, and deep plate or bowl). Do not forget to put a saucer for bread, always to the left

Covered from outside to inside. The order of the cutlery depends on the menu. The ones you need first must be on the outside and the last ones, next to the plate. The dessert ones are placed next to the bread plate.