Give light to your kitchen

Illuminating the kitchen in its proper measure will make us feel comfortable in one of the places where we spend the most time each day. Keep in mind seven fundamental points:


No corner of the kitchen should be left without light, especially the work areas. It is necessary to look for lighting solutions that give the kitchen an overall appearance with harmony.

Lighting by areas

Every kitchen area and its activities must be considered when installing lights for the first time or during a renovation.


The multifunctionality of the kitchen requires lighting that can be adapted to each of the activities we can carry out in it: from writing the shopping list to cutting with a sharp knife small foods with total security.


Adapting to the natural light that enters the kitchen, lighting should not be excessive or insufficient.

Low consumption

Try to minimize the energy consumption of the luminaires, since the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house with the highest electricity consumption.


Both general lighting and that of each of the kitchen areas must fulfill their functions.


Do not forget that the light enhances and enhances the style and decoration of any room in your home, also the kitchen.


  • Another very important point to take into account for the lighting of your kitchen is the correct reproduction of colors.
  • It is important to take into account the color temperature of the luminaires, cooler in the work areas and warmer in the office. While we cook, the light must allow us to appreciate correctly the state of the food and its cooking point.
  • You have to illuminate the kitchen avoiding shadows, furniture or food or people working in the kitchen.