Let’s learn order habits at home

The order is a physical state, but also mental. That is why it is so important to prevent chaos and “noise” from entering the house – and these tips will help you achieve this – such as knowing how to get rid of the accumulated stress throughout the day.

The shoes

Take off when you get home is a very common practice in our country. But (almost) everything that has benefits in terms of hygiene and health is going to ruin if we leave them there. Destínales a site and acquire the habit: shoes off and stored in place.

Coats and bags

Disposing of the coat, bag, and others when arriving at the house is a liberating act because it is like getting rid of the stress of the day. But watch out, because visual clutter will not help you relax. Plan a wardrobe for coats and reserve an area for handbags and accessories.

The keys

That the key is confused among the thousands of things in your bag is not new. For this reason, it is better to give her an empty tray or a small bag just for her to avoid another problem.

The cell phone

If you are the one to call your cell phone to locate it at home, you will appreciate the importance of reserving a site. Nowadays there are very discreet accessories that also allow charging the mobile easily wirelessly.


How many times have you arrived home loaded with bags and instead of putting everything in its place immediately, have you left it on the kitchen counter? The best antidote is not to postpone it and put things in their place or in the pantry.


  • Pull the advertising that does not interest you, save the letters and organize all the invoices, each in its corresponding folder.
  • The best way to avoid mountains of paperwork and bills is to acquire the habit of keeping them on your site daily. It will not take more than two minutes. On the other hand, if you pile them up, the day you have to organize the paperwork you will have to invest a good time.
  • If you have children you will know that the mornings are usually a race against the clock. A good way to not forget anything is to prepare the backpack from the previous day.